Classics & Antiques


If you want to enjoy a classic automobile, compete, win a first prize or “Best of the Show”, contact us, we will give you professional advice.

Driving an antique or classic automobile or one of special interest with more than 50 or 60 years which has been proficiently restored is a true passion, a sensation that while riding you will be assured this auto will take you any place travelling to the past.

We offer you a maintenance service with everything related to mechanical work, body work, paint, upholstery, chromeplated, imported parts, and event preparation.

In our restoration process we provide 3 levels:
    1. Level 1 restoration is basically focused in the cosmetics of the automobile and its original conservation. This restoration includes: body work and painting, replacement of all rubbers, if necessary new seats and carpets, and essential mechanical work. If the body is very rusty or damaged the cost may increase substantially.

    2. Level 2 restoration may be considered a level of “show driven”, it includes level 1 plus: complete upholstery kit, chromium-plating, engine rebuilding, breaks, suspension, electric installation, exhaust system, probably new tires and rims. As in level 1, if the body is corroded or damaged the cost of body work increases. With this level of restoration, a fine role before the JCNA´s could be achieved.

    3. Level 3 restoration can be described with a single word, “everything”. A project that approaches the most to 100 points. In this stage the automobile is disassembled entirely and work begins with new and original parts. Body work and paint are carried out from chassis to body. Chrome work is performed in every part, upholstery is new, engine parts, suspension, all components are restored including the smallest detail.


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